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The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl

On September 16, The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University continues its series on art and vinyl with an artist talk by Xaviera Simmons followed by a performance by Superchunk.

Trevor Schoonmaker, curator, on The Record:

“Since the heyday of vinyl, and through its decline and recent resurgence, a surprising number of artists have worked with vinyl records. The Record presents some of the best, rarest and most unexpected examples. The artists in the exhibition use the vinyl record as metaphor, archive, artifact, icon, portrait, or transcendent medium.”

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QSL Cards, Vacuum Tubes, and Vinyl-to-Digital: Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

The Arcade Fire, A Thriving Throwback – Jon Pareles –  The New York Times


“All of us had powerful experiences of pop music that was meaningful and had something real about it,” said Win Butler, 30. “We definitely didn’t choose to be in the position that we’re in, but I really think it’s come about in a pretty direct way, as close as something can get to people just responding to the music and it getting bigger. I think it’s important, if you’re going to do it, to do it for real.”


“I’ve been moved by albums a lot more than I’ve been moved by singles, and we’re an album band,” Mr. Butler said. “I’m not going to stop making albums because of some fad of digital distribution. The idea that you just have to make bad cheap stuff and sell it cheaply because the format changes, to me, is crazy. It’s more important than ever to me to have the artwork and the recording be as great as they can be.”


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